Welcome to the information site of Yaliny

This is a new innovative Russia-based company which is going to offer you cheap, unlimited and stable mobile communication worldwide.

Nowadays global mobile service is full of shortcomings. Roaming, numerous SIM cards, expensive cost plans and limited data - we all face it day by day. Limited coverage area is another serious problem of the modern telecommunications - more than 3 bln people cannot use all advantages of mobile connections. But Yaliny has a solution! This company knows how to make mobile service with 100% coverage with high speed internet and low latency at 10 USD per month only.

But how is it possible? Yaliny has modelled a telecommunication infrastructure based on 144 low earth satellites of own design, 40 ground stations providing access to the Internet and a mission control center. The constellation of such satellites will totally cover the Earth surface and provide signal. The decision sounds expensive but the company engineers ensure that these satellites are low cost and highly efficient and the project does not require high initial investments. The total cost of the infrastructure is estimated in 800 mln USD, but Yaliny needs just 1.5 mln USD for the commercial start.

Yaliny began to work over this project in 2013, when it gathered the brilliant team, which was able to develop key technologies. In 2014 they constructed the satellite prototypes. And presently the company is raising 40 mln USD for creating 2 test satellites and launching them to low earth orbit. Next step will require 1500 mln USD for unfolding the whole infrastructure for the commercial start. Yaliny hopes to complete it by the end of the 1Q of 2020.

Yaliny has attracted strong business team, which can help to make all the ideas embodied. Reed Hundt, former Intel CEO and Vern Fotheringham, the former leader of Kymeta are among the advisers.